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After the interest generated from my previous post about content curation I have spent some time testing out some content curation tools.  Some people may argue that content curation is just scraping content from other peoples’ websites but I think that done correctly it can create a useful resource for your readers.  here’s a definition I picked up from Beth Kanter.

Content Creation is the organising, filtering and “making sense of” information on the web and sharing the very best with your network

What I was looking for was some tools or software that could help me find good quality content to curate.  Help me organise the abstracts, and my comments  and post to my sites with the relevant links. Not only do I want to be able to get traffic and rankings by providing useful content I want to be able to builds backlinks using pingback.

First I looked at Curationsoft which allows you to drag and drop any content you find on the web, curate it very easily and  find the best of the best content that is out there. You can search multiple content sources, blogs, news, twitter, youtube, flickr, wikipedia and facebook and there is a promise of more to come.

There is a free version or a Pro version costing $59/year. The Free version only uses Google Blog search.  Once you have found your content you can drag and drop each abstract into WordPress or any other CMS. You can then add your comments and edit your post.  As far as I can see there is now filtering or sorting of the data found, you just gets the top 10 so you need to read each post a decide which abstracts to use.  The abstracts are created for you so you need to check these and possibly edit them.  This is a basic, easy to use tool which could save you a little bit of time.  Or you can just use Google to search blogs or news, creat your own absracts and add links yourself.

Next I looked at PageOneCurator.  This software gets data from RSS feeds, Google blog search, news search & Twitter. You can use this software to add images from Flickr. A link back to Flickr will be created automatically.  There is a built in keyword research tool and you can upload directly to your blogs.  There are more features with this software and the price is very resonable. $47 or $97 for a multiple user licence for outsourcers. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee so you can take it for a test drive.

Watch PageOneCurator in action

I also looked at some new software which is still under development, Cur8r. This is currently free but I am sure that once it is fully developed there will be a charge.  There are no real instruction on how to use this but there is a video on Link Liberation 3 you can watch to get the idea.

One of the reasons for using curated content apart from getting uniue content for my site is to get some back links from authority sites. None of the software I looked at told me if the sites allowed pingbacks or used Do Follow links. So if I got a back link it would be more luck than judgement. (If I missed this option in any software please let me know)

After looking a few more content curation software packages I turned to some software I have been using for years, Market Samurai. There is a new section called ‘Promotion’ which will search through selected sources, Web2.0, blogs and forums to find relevant content and tell you if the site uses dofollow and if it ises pingbacks. Also you can see the PR and number of backlinks. Select the abstracts you want for your curated post add bullets or borders automatically if required then copy and paste into your post. You can use the Market Samurai publish option or copy and paste straight into your CMS

So I found my content curation software on my own hard drive. I know many of my readers already use Market Samurai for keyword research, competition analyses and other things so check it out for content curation as well.

Let me know if you have tried any content curation software and how you got on.  I will let you know what results I get.

All the best


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Roger Weavers

Roger has been working in the telecomms and IT industry since 1973 working for international companies such as BT and Honeywell. Roger founded Sytec Computers Ltd in 1996 and provided consultancy services to a variety of UK companies. In 2001 Sytec diversified into web design, marketing and hosting and now Roger specialises in SEO.

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  • Hey Roger,

    Great informative post.

    I haven’t used any curation software yet as it is a very new thing to me. But I
    agree with your point about spreading good content.

    People may argue that curation software ‘scrapes’ other peoples work, but if you use
    this content in a well structured way it means that you’re giving your readers good
    valuable content, which after all is what Google wants.

    I’m not saying people are solely doing this for Googles sake, but if you can spread
    good valuable content further across the web and give your visitors great value it
    becomes a win win situation, as your site will look better in Googles eyes.

    I can see this causing some debate. It will be interesting to see how other people view

    Dean Thompson.

  • Hi Roger,

    This is really interesting. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    When I first started learning IM, I bought WP Robot and it scrapes articles and all sorts. Is this similar?? Or something totally different??

    What about if say, your blog was a PR3 and 10 years old and you scraped content from a new blog that is PR0 and under 1 year old. Is it possible that Google would then think that YOUR blog would be the one with the original content?? How does the duplicate content penalty (if this is indeed real!) work with curated content?!

    i DO own Market Samurai and love it, so I will check out the promotion part of it 🙂

    Cheers, Clare 🙂

  • Hi Clare,

    Content curation is not about scraping content from other sites and putting it on your own. Its about recommending articles on other sites to your readers. On your site you should have a short extract and your comments about the subject so there should not be any duplicate content issues. If you think there is a issue then read my previous post about duplicate content.
    The tools are simply to help you find the information, not automatically post it for you. Check out the Market Samurai promotion tool and see what I mean.

  • Thanks for that info Roger. I recognize PageOne Curator, I think that’s from Paul Clifford. I’ve never used it myself but he seems to be one of the experts in content curation and offers a lot of good software products. I’m liking this idea of curating content, must give it some further thought.
    Cheers for doing all the research for us,
    – Noel.

  • Hi Noel,

    Yes Paul Clifford has done Page One Curator, he has also created many other tools at Page One Traffic. Not had a change to have a good look at them but some look pretty good.


  • Hello Roger,

    Thanks for introducing content curation to me. It’s a rather new concept to me & I have never heard
    of it before. Nevertheless, it’s something interesting which I will look into in the future.
    Anyway thanks for sharing about it in your blog. I woudnt have knew about it if it wasnt for you. 🙂

  • Hi Roger,

    I first heard about content curation from some guy pitching his course on a webinar. I can’t remember his name but his example niche was in meditation techniques. I didn’t give it any real effort because there seemed to be very few niches that met his criteria of profitability. But, I enjoyed learning about it and think if given enough time and energy, a curation site can become profitable or at least a source of traffic.

    Karl Dieterich recently posted..The Rabbit Hole Of GraphicsMy Profile

  • Hi Karl,

    Thanks for your comment. I think content curation can be useful for any blog, you may want to mix your regular posts with curated posts. If you are researching a subject for a post and you come across some authoritative sites with good content then why not link to them from your post with a small abstract.