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Post Panda/Penguin we are all looking for ethical and natural ways to build links. Google knows all the tricks so most of the old link building strategies no longer work.

One method that is still valid is blog commenting. Find blogs that are posting about your topic and make comments. This will normally provide a link back to your website. There are two problems with this.

1: The anchor text will be the user name and not keyword rich. – Most blog owner will reject comments with keywords as a username.
2: You are adding content to someone else’s website. – You should be building your own content not other peoples.

If we could gain links with keyword rich anchor text and build content on our own website this would be preferable. Google likes original fresh content and so do humans.

Its not easy to continually pump out original content but there is a way to produce more content for your blog by ‘curating’ other peoples content. There is even software available to help you do this.

The software will help you find relevant content, let you add your comments, then publish it to your blog, twitter and other sites with a link to the original content. If the site with the original content is a blog that allows pingback and trackback you can gain a valuable link back to your blog.

Over the next few weeks I will be testing some methods and strategies using content curation and I will report back here with my findings.

Let me know if you had had any experience with this.

All the Best

P.S. here’s a great resource to find out what content curation is all about
Content Curation 101 


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Roger Weavers

Roger has been working in the telecomms and IT industry since 1973 working for international companies such as BT and Honeywell. Roger founded Sytec Computers Ltd in 1996 and provided consultancy services to a variety of UK companies. In 2001 Sytec diversified into web design, marketing and hosting and now Roger specialises in SEO.

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  • Hey Roger,

    A month or two ago I came across a WSO that did all the content curation for you and I thought that it was really neat – trouble is I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called as I would like to take another look. What software are you using?

  • Hi Rich,

    There was an ebook WSO called Content Creation Blueprint. This is just a 10 page PLR which tells you what content curation is briefly. This recommends 2 WSOs for software, NewZum and WikiNuke which has closed. I will be looking at Curata, Cur8r and other software. There seems to a lot of software out there but this needs to be done manually using tools to help you research and publish and not with automatic software than generates the content for you. If you really want to get into this, take a look at Link Liberation 3.0


  • Hey Roger,

    Have you looked at Paul Cliffords page one curator? It was the one I was referring to in my last comment, I’m really tempted to try it.



  • Hey Roger,

    I’m hearing that term “curation” a lot lately and didn’t really understand it til now. So thanks for clearing that up for me! Seems to be getting popular at the moment, must have a look at it in more detail.

    All the Best,

  • Thanks Rich,

    I’ll take a look


  • Hi Noel,

    Just dug this out of the spam folder. Dunno why it wad there.
    Maybe ’cause your URL was a bit long.
    I am doing some more research into this but I think the main point is you must add value not just scrape content.


  • Hi Roger,

    Great post explaining the advantages of curation.

    This is something relatively new to me but I can see how it would work after your explanation.
    I’ve even heard that there is software for video curation.

    It certainly needs further investigation.

    Would be interested to hear how you get on with your findings.


  • Hi Roger,

    Just like Dean, content curation has been also something new to me. I do have an idea how it works though and I look forward to read more related articles here about that. Can you please mention what the curation software you are referring to that somehow automates this system?

    This would be very interesting. I’ll be coming back here for more similar ideas and articles.


  • Hi Romi,

    I am still doing some research on software and how this actually works. I will be avoiding any software that “automates” this. It should be a manual process but there are tools to help you find the data, add you comments and post to your sites. There are people that think this is just about scraping content and this is what automated systems will do. Content curation is all about gathering useful data and adding value. Whether this helps serps by building links or builds traffic by social media depends on the tools you use.

    More helps as soon as I can


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