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There are still many people out there that believe if they “build it they will come”  (Field of Dreams).  This may have been true when the Internet was young but these days it takes a lot more.   A typical example was when someone phoned me a little while ago asking for a quote for an eCommerce website.  After a discussion I gave them a quote of around £2,000 and asked how they were going to market the site and offered my SEO services.   The reply was “Oh I haven’t really thought about it, how much does that cost?”  After some more discussions I said around £500 per month and it will take 3-6 months before you start seeing a good amount of traffic and  a return on your investment.

“Hmm..” they said “I wasn’t really expecting to pay £5,000 to set up my Internet business, I’ll think about it and let you know”

Needless to say I never heard back from them.  It does surprise me that people still think they can pay a small amount of money to a web design company and start making a lot of money straight away.  How much would it cost to set up an off line shop? And how long would it be before you started to see a return on your investment?

Getting traffic to your online store is not that easy so here’s some tips for those of you that need some help with ecommerce SEO.

Most important is, do your keyword research first.  Find some good keywords that have some reasonable amount of traffic that match your product categories.

Optimise your product category pages.  Most people just have a list of products on their category pages, make sure you have some content as well on your’s, Google loves content so write some interesting information about each category.

Also, make sure that you have content on your product pages as well, not just the product name and the price but detailed information about each product, this will give you the edge over anyone else selling the same or similar products. If you can get some reviews on the product pages this makes great content.

Try and avoid duplicate content caused by query parameters at the end of urls.
There is an article about this and other common technical SEO problems by Paddy Moorgan

Here is some more ecommerce seo tips from other blogs.

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As you can see online stores need a different approach to SEO than other types of websites so make sure you get this right and your website will rank above your competitors.


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Roger Weavers

Roger has been working in the telecomms and IT industry since 1973 working for international companies such as BT and Honeywell. Roger founded Sytec Computers Ltd in 1996 and provided consultancy services to a variety of UK companies. In 2001 Sytec diversified into web design, marketing and hosting and now Roger specialises in SEO.

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  • Hey Roger, I like your point. With all the free tools, blogs and other stuff that is available online, now a small business thinks it can open a website for free and expect a surge of sales overnight. This mentality is so wrong that has discouraged many business owners that I know personally from opening even a simple website. Not only that, but also all the sunken costs that are hidden behind the simple act of opening the site: having someone to manage the content, solve the bugs, design the graphics, routine maintenance etc… We have to make people aware of this, and sell our services the right way.

    About the e-commerce site, I think that the e-commerce part should be integrated as a section of the whole website. Infact, I think that someone would be more interested buying from a website that has a story of the owner, maybe a blog or a video. Also this helps seo much better.

  • Hi Luca, yes there is so much for a website owner to do now, just running a simple eCommerce site for-filling orders seems difficult to some people but as you say they really need to understand blogs, social media etc as well. For the small offline shop owner that wants to move his business online this can be too overwhelming.


  • Hi Roger,

    That’s a great informative article and one that newcomers to ecommerce should read and take in.

    So many people see the internet as a very quick road to riches and it just isn’t so. In my opinion you have to take your time and learn the different variables needed to put together a good, successful business model.

    Anything that you struggle with, then fine, get someone else to do it. Just don’t expect it on the cheap.

    Dean Thompson recently posted..Next Stop On My IM Journey: Traffic CentralMy Profile

  • Hey Roger
    Back from my Miami trip so business as usual 🙂

    The times I have heard the above from potential clients is to say the least huge. As you stated how the heck do they expect to obtain business from the internet if their business is not set up correctly!

    They seem to view it as a quick fix system, we can only do our best to re educate them in the ways of Internet Business.

    I hope all is well with you
    Paul Conway recently posted..Article Marketing | Niche Marketing | Step 6 Choosing Your Affiliate ProductMy Profile

  • Ade

    I think it’s a common trait with most things…if a person is new to something, it’s very hard to have a realistic perspective on it. I think that’s how many internet marketing products are sold. Can small ecommerce owners still compete with the likes of Amazon or do they have to add value in some other way like personalized service or shopping experience ? Do you ever profit share in lieu of an upfront or recurring cost ?
    Ade recently posted..The Meme For Today Is Memes – Are You Jumping On The Meme Bandwagon ?My Profile

  • Hi Ade,

    Thanks for your comment. I think it has become more difficult for small ecommerce owners to compete in some markets because of the big players. As you say, in these markets they must offer extra value, they can not compete on price alone.
    I have never taken profit share in lieu of payment but I am not adverse to the idea. If anyone has a good idea and needs a website and SEO drop me an email.


  • Thanks Roger,
    I can totally relate to what you’re saying. People seem ready to spend on setting up a site but when it comes to the marketing they just don’t get it….
    I always try to explain it to them that no matter how nice their site looks if they don’t have a marketing strategy to back it up they are not going
    to see any visitors, and thus no money..

    Some get it and some don’t. I guess all we can do is advise them the best we can and hope they make the right choice.


  • Hi Roger

    I’m glad I’ve discovered your site because SEO is something I want to learn more about.

    Thanks for sharing this excellent post.

    I’m going to head over here more often:-)


    James Hughes recently posted..Day #6 Traffic Tips – Get Involved In The CommunityMy Profile