Improve Conversion Rates & Increase Your Profits Without Increasing Your Traffic

Increase conversion ratesOne of my clients recently called me to ask why the telephone enquiries from their website had suddenly dropped from 5 or 6 a week to zero!

I checked the Analytics which showed the amount of traffic to the website had taken a slight dip over the previous week but nothing really significant.  I ask if anything had been changed on their site and found that they had setup a completely new website!  

I  provide SEO services to this client but not web design services. While their new website looked bright and shiny with animated banners it was not converting as well as the old site.

With this in mind, not only do you need to drive traffic to your site but if you are to make any money you must convert those visitors into enquiries and sales.  Once you have a reasonable amount of traffic coming to your site it could be more cost effective to try and improve conversion rates instead of just driving more and more traffic.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Vs Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Let’s look at some figures.

Let say your website currently has 2,000 visitors per month, this produces 20 enquiries of which you convert 10 into customers.

Your visitor to enquiry conversion rate is 1% (20 per month)
Your visitor to sales conversion rate is 0.5%  (10 sales)

To double your profits and you profits you would need to double your traffic, from 2,000 to 4,000 visitors per month.

Or, by simply increasing your visitor to enquiry conversion rate by 1% from 1% TO 2% double your profits from the same amount of traffic.

So what can you do to make your visitors pickup the phone or send you an email?

There are many on page elements you can change to improve your conversion rates, the only way to truly find out what works the best is by testing.

Try different headlines, different images, and different calls to action.  Different colours and different locations on the page or your phone number and call to action buttons.

Here are my tips for improving website conversion rates.

  1. Make sure you visitors can easily navigate around your website to find what they are looking for.
  2. Add you telephone number and contact details on every page so that they are easily visible. (You don’t want to loose customers because they couldn’t find you phone number).
  3. Give full descriptions of your products with high quality images
  4. List the benefits of each product.
  5. If you sell you product online make the checkout system as quick and easy as possible.
  6. Check that any forms and your check out is working correctly.
  7. Make sure your copy is easily readable and gets your visitors interest.
  8. Test every thing above.

When you split test each element make sure that you make significant changes and monitor the results for a long enough period to make a good judgement.  Start with your high traffic pages that have a high bounce rate as this is where you can achieve the best results.

There are plenty of “conversion rate optimisation” specialists out there who will charge to increase your conversion rates but with a little bit of testing an analysis you could improve your bottom line with out increasing your traffic.


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Roger Weavers

Roger has been working in the telecomms and IT industry since 1973 working for international companies such as BT and Honeywell. Roger founded Sytec Computers Ltd in 1996 and provided consultancy services to a variety of UK companies. In 2001 Sytec diversified into web design, marketing and hosting and now Roger specialises in SEO.

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  • Hi Roger,

    I always think that a nice clean layout that’s easy to navigate should be the foundation of a website.

    Some sites I visit look too fussy and you’ve really got to search for info you’re after. I think webmasters can get carried away with site design and sometimes forget what they’re supposed to be building.

    I’m sure most webmasters would change their design to anything if it meant doubling or even tripling their profits.


  • Hi Dean,

    Yes, I agree, some designers try and put everything on the home page which can get a bit messy, this may in some cases affect the bounce rate. Most website owner don’t even think about testing different designs which means they could be missing out on sales.


  • Hi Roger

    I for one have always maintained the KISS approach when it comes to online/offline work. I try and hammer home to my clients the need to make it as easy as possible for a potential customer to buy from their site. Sometimes I win most times I strike out because they do not get into the mind set of their customers.

    They want it to look all shiney and s***! missing the point completely.

    You mentioned above about some of these things affecting the site bounce rate. Personally my own blog had a bounce rate of about 85% at the beginning of the year 🙁 I have tweaked a few things and low and behold it now stands at a much better 43%

    As always I look forward to reading your informative article.

    Speak soon
    Paul Conway recently posted..Niche Research Part 1My Profile

  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your comments. Well done on improving your bounce rate. It’s surprising how a few small changes can have a dramatic effect.

    All the best

  • Hi Roger,

    I recently just got started with web-marketing and have been learning quite a bit as I fumble around making mistakes. Your advise to test is very important. What are the top testing methods you would advise a new-bee just getting started?

    Thank you for you time,

  • Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for your comment. Probably the best thing to start testing is your headline. This can have the most dramatic affect. Then look at your images, the position on the page, colours, fonts, text, in fact anything can have affect.
    Start by just changing one thing and doing a simple split test. There are many tools available for doing this. Could be a subject for another post soon.

    All the best

  • Hi Roger

    What were they thinking when they made a major change to their site without even contacting you…lost for words :(!

    Paul Conway recently posted..One Day Mastermind SessionMy Profile

  • Yep so was I. They have learnt something about SEO the hard way.

  • I have found in the past that sometimes sites that change their design to modern, new bright designs with all the bells and whistles actually convert worse than the old site that looked worse but actually converted much better.

    When there are less distractions and users can easily find what they are looking for, they will usually just do it.

  • Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes I agree. People are normally looking for information on the Internet, they don’t want to be entertained, they just what the information in a plain and simply easy to read format. Unless they are actually looking for entertainment 🙂 As Paul said earlier KISS


  • Hi Mary,

    You are welcome. Don’t forget, if you have any questions about SEO feel free to contact me.